Fire Safety – Accredited Course



fire safety


There is always fire risks in the home. When you are caring for someone, you may need to put extra consideration into how to minimise the risk of fire.
You can take the following measures to reduce the impact of fire:

  • Prevention – Look for fire risks
  • Detection – Install some form of detection to alert you if there is a fire
  • Restriction – Slow the spread of fire
  • Escape – Plan a route out of the house and make sure it is kept accessible.

There may be someone with restricted mobility who is either cared for or not, which could reduce their ability to leave the house quickly if there was a fire. There is the risk that if a person has dementia, they may be more at risk of starting a fire.

This course is an Accredited Fire Safety training training to all carers who work with elderly or vulnerable people. The training includes identifying and dealing with fire hazards in the care/residential home or in the customer’s own home.