Epilepsy with Buccal Midazolam & Rectal Diazepam Training



epilepsy and buccal


Buccal Midazolam & Rectal Diazepam Training course is specifically aimed at those working with or responsible for the health, welfare and well being of individuals with epilepsy. This course has been designed to ensure that practitioners are provided with current relevant theoretical knowledge and skills. Learners will be supported and taught how to administer rescue medication and there will be simulated practical based assessment.

Course Content

The following subjects are covered:

Epilepsy definition and facts
• Classification and management of seizures
• Ethical and legal responsibilities
• What triggers seizures and precipitants
• Person centred care planning and recording
• Epilepsy, mortality and Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy
• The impact of rescue medication and anti-epileptic drug therapies

Buccal Midazolam:

  • What is it
  • Uses in epilepsy
  • Buccal side effects
  • Protocols

Rectal Diazepam:

  • Uses in epilepsy
  • Side effects
  • How to administration
  • Protocols

Emergency planning in care and when to call an ambulance
• Risk assessment/promotion of safeguarding and dignity
• Access to local and national support networks
Course Assessment and Certification

The assessment is completed in two ways,

Simulated practical assessments
• Theory test

On successful completion of the training certificates will be issued with a certificate which is valid for 1 year.