Administration of Medication in Schools and Nurseries

medication courses in schools

Providers on the Early Years Register must meet the legal requirements set out in the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Training for staff to administer medicines that require technical/medical knowledge

The Statutory Framework says that to give some medicines you need to have training by a qualified health professional. These are things such as injections. If a parent asks you to give medication for which your staff need training, you should first ask the child’s parent about suitable training as they may have health professionals they work with. Alternatively you may enquire at your local health centre about specific training. If the training relates to generic medication such as administering EpiPens then your staff do not have to have training for each individual child. However some children may require more specific medical interventions and in these cases you may want your staff trained in relation to that child’s individual needs.

The Childcare Register

Providers on the Childcare Register, apart from home childcarers, must keep a written record of any medicine given to a child for whom childcare is provided. This includes:

  • the details of the product and the date you gave it;
  • the name of the person who gave the medicine and the circumstances; and
  • a record of the parents’ permission — or a carer, if the parent has identified another person.
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