Venepuncture Training








Level: 2                                    Validity: 1 year

Max attendee’s: 15                 Course length: ½ day

This course is specificity designed for Registered General Nurse’s (RGNs), enrolled nurses and qualified staff  that have not been trained on venepuncture before or if they have this can be used as a refresher course.

This course will also update the theory side as well as the practical side.  The participants will carry out a procedure in a controlled work place environment this will put their skills into practice.

Please note: Competency must be achieved within the workplace within 6 months of attending the course.

Course Summary

Topic covered:

  • Venepuncture introduction
  • Patient identification
  • Patient consent
  • Professional approach
  • Basic universal precautions
  • Selecting a site
  • Order of draw
  • Post venepuncture care
  • Specimen labelling
  • Special specimen handling
  • Trouble shooting and problems
  • Practical