• Professionally Qualified, Highly Experienced

    Over 26 years of experience in delivering First Aid Training
    Centre for Qualsafe
    All staff experienced medical professionals
  • Our Accredited Courses include:

    Fire Safety
    First Aid
    Food Safety
  • We provide medical and clinical training in:

    Self Harm & Ligature
    Mental Health
  • Our Charity Work includes:

    Community groups
    War Zones
    Disaster Zones
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Welcome to Matrix Coaching!


Matrix Coaching is an established training company that prides itself on the provision of professional quality training to a broad range of clients from large companies to small businesses, community groups, sports and leisure centres, schools, play schemes, nursery schools, crèches and parents.

Our training sessions are relaxed and enjoyable, supporting an environment in which our candidates feel motivated to learn. Our staff are professionally qualified and highly experienced medical professionals and collectively, we have over 26 years of experience delivering First Aid related training, from basic life support to training the trainer, in both the private and public sectors and with a range of offices across the UK.

We are a Centre for Qualsafe and also deliver training sessions for the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and Highfield.

Our training programmes are carefully designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to use their new skills effectively and appropriately.

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Medication training with the fantastic Sebastian!

Samuel Welsford

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